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The mandate for “The Power of God Ministries” is to establish a global ministry, which will help perpetuate the advancement of our God’s kingdom purpose. A ministry dedicated to providing a holistic ministry that focuses on the overall person’s spirit, soul and body. Our challenge is to commit to addressing and meeting every need of humanity despite color, race, tongue or creed. Our purpose is to exemplify the total ministry of Jesus Christ, by teaching a sound practical doctrine of the scriptures with a prophetic revelatory voice. Moreover…feeding, clothing and addressing the necessities of life to the helpless, hopeless and homeless…as well as provide professional christian counseling and guidance.

We here at the Power of God Ministries will grow, learn and teach the body of Christ to “DOMINATE” the kingdom through “FAITH”…”REPENTANCE” and “OBEDIENCE” of God’s Word. We have been given permission by the Holy Spirit to facilitate a place of worship where HUMANITY CAN MEET DIVINITY, and to faithfully evangelize those who are without Christ. In addition, to establish a ministry that produces a “New Breed of Christians” that will become empowered through the “Word of God”…to fulfill their God-given purpose in their lifetime. Ultimately, we are dedicated to taking a kingdom message into the entire world…knowing that the kingdom of this world shall become the kingdom of our God…and of His Christ.

“The Power of God Ministries” is here in the earth to build a revelant 21st century unconventional ministry, that will impact the globe for Christ. To have a Godly presence in the community and a focus towards those who don’t currently attend church.

“The Power of God Ministries” is an unconventional church that operates outside the box. Not allowing the box of culture, generation or affiliations to lock us into a certain way to connect with God. We make up a new breed of Christians , who are always in search for fresh and new Holy Spirit innovative ways to serve God and the community. We are a church that is defined by our powerful revelatory proclamations, an outpouring of His Spirit, and penetrating prophetic worship.

Here at “The Power of God Ministries” we are committed to building a cross-cultural, cross-generational and cross-geographical church that will impact our community, region and ultimately the entire globe with fresh, sound, potent and present-day truth. We are a “New Breed Church” that is naturally supernatural, a strong deliverance ministry and incredibly fun to be in. We are committed to produce an atmosphere where the theologian and the newly converted drug addict enter into His presence…the same way. Where the seeker and the most radical Pentecostal…the urbanite and the suburanite…the youth and the elder…enter into His courts in the same manner. WE REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!


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